And now it’s installed.   My property is around 300 metres from the cabinet and I’m getting 79mb down and 20mb upload speed.   That might drop a little once more customers connect – but I’m very happy with the service.

The graph below shows the difference between ping responses from ADSL (Left) to  thr new VDSL (Right) service.


ADSL was just normal web activity – which after the switch over (Red Line) barely registers.  The activity to the right of graph was me testing the speed with various downloads (including all 80 Episodes of Curb your Enthusiasm Box Set from iTunes).

FIBRE IS HERE!!!!  You can now order it for Cab 50 (assuming the others will be sorted as well)

Thank you Clive Selley (Openreach CEO) for taking the time to action my email.  Less than a month from start of build to being available – I’m impressed.

Don’t be confused about the FTTP on demand figure – we are not getting FTTP.   You can of course apply for it, but the the costs will be to run an individual fibre cable to your pole and then you will get fibre from that.   It’s not cheap, although should be getting ‘cheaper’ soon – but if you do want it then your immediate neighbours connected to the pole might thank you in the long run!!

Completed Cab images (Go-Pro Grabs) below.

When can I get Fibre checked now at the Connect Stage.


/update: Building of all 3 cabs now complete – just waiting for Openreach to complete the testing and hopefully it’ll be live soon.

/update:  Cab 50 (Fibre Cab) infill started – just the slabs or tarmac to go down now.   Will keep monitoring the When and Where Checker / DSL Checker sites to see when things are live.   Although the Openreach chief engineer has been keeping me up to date with emails etc.

/update:  Looks as if Cabs 49 & 51 have been reshelled to double cabs as well – potentially a bit of G.Fast love heading their way.

Electric now appears had been tapped onto the lighting circuit.   Duct from Fibre Cab to manhole cover in place.



Fibre cab installed now and the small cab 50 is now….



Hopefully this might allow a G-fast pod in the future.   Oddly the other two similar sized cabinets haven’t been reshelled (yet).

Cabs 49 and 51 are in place – just awaiting the electrics and infill.  Cab 50 base now in (as below):



DSLAM Cabinet – Planning application  2017/09636/PA

No date for the installation is showing yet, but Roadworks.org has a marker for the 6-8 December for the area.  The same markers are present for Cabs 49 and 51 as well.  So it’s looking good so far.

Proposed site photo montage (Blue line Power, Red Line data)


Schematic of site


Codelook information

It’s also happening for Cab 49 (and 51!!!) – Rejoice all the Bilton Grange Road Massive!



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