Hello and welcome, apologies if it took a while to load the page.  Maybe if we had fibre……..

Anyway – welcome to the blog, if you’ve made it this far then hopefully you might want to go a little further to help Yardley join the 21st century.   We’re bombarded with TV adverts offering streaming services which we can just about handle with the current ADSL2+ up to 20mb service (though the reality is more like 1-8mb due to the line length to the Stechford Telephone exchange on Stuarts Road).  Other adverts promise us superfast internet, sadly if you want to stay on the BT/Openreach  infrastructure then we are excluded.

Why, well according to BT/Openreach the street cabs we are connected to (49 and 50) have too few premises/homes attached to them.  This in the eyes of BT/Openreach makes it uneconomical to upgrade the street cabinets.  Cab 50 has around 220 properties connected waiting for Superfast Broadband – so I’m not sure what number is required make it viable to upgrade.  But I’m hoping if enough of us contact them, then something might happen.

What I do know is I’d like a faster connection, sadly our only option is Virgin. Virgin Media offer a service which I know a number people in the area are happy with, however there are a few things (such as a lack of static IP address) that Virgin do not support – also competition in the market place is a nice option to have. Imagine being able to choose a package from BT/Sky/Plusnet/Zen etc – at the moment we can get services via these providers – but at a reduced speed (1-8mb).

So what can you do? Well moving 200 yards in any direction will probably get you fibre, failing that I have setup a number of steps (1 to 6, click on the links at the top of the page) for you to try.

A quick overview of each section is below.

First: check out the map on the 1st page on this blog – it shows a rough guide of where the new Fibre boxes are.  Chances are if you are near one, you maybe able to get fibre.

Second: Check your cabinet and line speed by using the DSL Checker

Third: Details how to use the Openreach When and Where fibre availability page

Forth: Register your interest with your current ISP

Fifth: Email your local councillor / MP

Sixth: Wait and other information

WHAT NOT TO DO (sorry for shouting):  There are a number of BT/Openreach staff working in and around the area – It is not their fault, please do not harass them.  They might be able to answer questions, but please don’t give them any hassle.

Thanks for reading.



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